North Central Florida's "Southside Idol" is a singing competition based out of Lake City, Florida. There are usually between 10 and 13 contestants selected from an audition process for each season. The show consists of 3 rounds. The first round is performed with a per-recorded backing track (Karaoke), the second and third rounds are performed with a live band.
   Each contestant will perform in the first 2 rounds. The finalist are selected after the second round. These finalists will each receive a monetary prize with first place taking home the grand prize. A new car was the grand prize during the 2018 showcase. It varies from season to season.
    Southside Idol was founded in 2010. And the level of competition as well as the excitement of the show continues its tradition of excellence and entertainment. After the audition phase, the contestants spend roughly 3 and a half months training with the help of vocals coaches and a staff of experienced musicians and performers. Performing with a live band is one of the programs exciting experiences. Working and performing with professional musicians is a valuable asset and another way to help propel these young artist to the next level in their singing careers. 
Team work here at Southside Idol is promoted and encouraged. Even though the final showcase is pitting each of these contestants against each other, there is still a sense of teamwork and respect for each other.  The camaraderie among all of the contestants and staff is so special and carries on even after the season is over.
Southside Idol is a great non-profit program. It relies on support from the community and sponsors. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting this valuable program.

2015 contestants with Wayne Jerinigan

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